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I’m writing to introduce you to Floyd, a pioneer in the Motion Art movement; he is the only artist of his kind who creates art with rock bands. The final product is a revolution on canvas fueled by the music’s energy and Floyd’s art. His art manages to span the commercial, artistic and street worlds.

Floyd has appeared on more than 60 TV programs.


In March 2014 Floyd was invited by Saks Fifth Avenue at the launch of Viktor & Rolf’s frangrance, BonBon. He painted the fragrance’s signature pink bow on guests as part of the exclusive debut.


In January 2014 Floyd exhibited an original piece for ArtCycle Foundation at the Coral Gables Museum.


In November 2013 Floyd traveled to Argentina to participate on a FOX International Channel reality show, Hola Martin, where they focused on his performance art. The show airs in 17 countries across Latin America.


In November 2013 Floyd appeared on the Charytin & Felipe/El Show – Mega TV. He presented Jose Jose (El Principe de la Cancion), who was celebrating the 50th anniversary of his musical career, with a painting inspired by the musical artist.


In August  2013 Floyd was invited to Puerto Rico as the exclusive visual Artist for Alfa Rock Radio’ s 35 Anniversary conciert.

He shared the stage with the band SAGA and created a live painting in front of more than 5, 000 people.


In May 2013 Floyd had a solo show in Puerto Rico for the 5th Anniversary Celebration of Contorno Magazine. He painted models live for an extravagant and avant garde hair and fashion show alongside celebrity stylist Rey Blanco.


In April 2013 Floyd was invited by Nordstrom to customize designer fragrance bottles for their annual “Scent Event”. Customers took advantage of the opportunity and stood in line to have their fragrance bottle uniquely personalized by Floyd. Each bottle was unique to the consumer and stylized by one of Floyd’s exclusive designs.


In December 2012 concurrently with Art Basel, Floyd exhibited his work and performed live with legendary musician and artist Daniel Johnston. Daniel Johnston is a singer/songwriter and painter who has had bands like Pearl Jam perform his music. He gained popularity when the late Kurt Cobain of Nirvana wore a t-shirt displaying artwork by Johnston as he promoted the Nevermind album on outlets such as MTV.


In August 2012 Floyd performed at the opening reception for Miami’s International Ballet Festival at Paragon Gallery in Wynwood’s Design District.


In March 2012 Floyd was the only visual artist asked to perform at the Dali Miami Exhibit in the Moore Building. He painted models during Pachi Lake’s fashion show, Hevin, at the inaugural VIP event of the Dali Miami Exhibit.


In February 2012 Floyd performed during New York’s Fashion Week at the Latino Show in Chelsea, NY.

He has performed with music greats such as  Ricardo Montaner, Tito Nieves, Jerry Rivera and Edesio Alejandro (Cuban musian and producer nominated for both the Latin and American Grammys for his documentary 100 Sones Cubanos).
Floyd was invited to exhibit his work in New York City at a charity gala event with participants including Victoria Secret models, championship NASCAR winners and elite fashion designers at Gloria Cressler’s Austrian Forum Cultural Event (2010).
During 2009’s Art Basel Week, Floyd was invited by Hardy Hill of Bravo Channel’s show Miami Social to perform and exhibit at the Victor Hotel’s relaunch of the Zen Garden.
His performances and art were featured at the Art Miami’s Bridge Art Fair and Green Art Fair in December 2008. In March 2009 he was invited by Irreversible Magazine to exhibit at Arte Americas at the Miami Beach Convention Center and at the 2010 MIA Art Fair at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

To see Floyd in action please visit:

Floyd the Rock Artist ( Promotional Video – Motion Art and Afro Heavy Rock ) with music by Dominus

Floyd the  Rock Artist with music Edesio Alejandro – Blen Blen (Remix)
Edesio Alejandro, Cuban musician and producer nominated for both Latin and American Grammys for his documentary 100 Sones Cubanos.
Floyd the Rock Artist ( Official Art Video ) with music Tanya – La Reforma.Dedicated to all Immigrants.
Floyd the Rock Artist promotional video for the channel Soi TV

Floyd the Rock Artist ( Motion Art and Fashion Show ) Painting the Models Live


Floyd the Rock Artist ( Motion Art and Interview ) with Charytín & Felipe / El Show – Mega TV

Floyd the Rock Artist  ( Motion Art and Musica Cubana ) y Los Rumberos
Floyd the Rock Artist with Blanca Soto on La Vida Blanca ( trailer), NY

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